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Putting NI Technology in STEM

Student robotics competitions strive to make engineering as cool for kids as sports are today. These competitions teach core engineering concepts, problem-solving skills, and leadership principles, and are linked directly to growing the number of students who pursue careers in engineering and science. NI plays a critical role in these programs, from leadership and volunteering to providing the technology platform that powers the competitions. NI serves as a long-term, strategic partner for the global organizations that run these competitions. Two of the most significant partnerships are with For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) and the World Robot Olympiad (WRO).?


NI is a long-term partner to FIRST, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping young people discover and develop a passion for technology and engineering through robotics competitions. Because NI believes the program has a tremendous impact on the lives of students who participate, the company has made a multimillion-dollar, multiyear commitment to provide technology and support across FIRST programs,?including?FIRST LEGO? League (FLL)?and?FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).?


The WRO brings together students from all over the world to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills through challenging and educational robot competitions.?Nearly?100,000 students?from more than?60 countries participate in this robotics competition. Teams design and build robots that behave like human athletes and compete in regional competitions held?across the world?to qualify for the annual international championship.?

In addition to?being?a global and regional sponsor of WRO, NI has worked with the organization to create an advanced competition?category?based on LabVIEW?for?students ages 17 and up.??