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Fueling Innovation and Discovery

NI engages in strategic, long-term collaborations with organizations in the communities where the company’s employees work and live. A few of the organizations that NI partners with include?Girlstart, which empowers girls in math, technology, and science;?Penang Science Cluster,?which aims to help the city achieve excellence through technical innovation; and the Sunflower Mission, which is devoted to improving the lives of people in Vietnam through educational programs. NI helps organizations like these by donating employee volunteer time, financial support, and technology.?

In addition to supporting ongoing in-classroom robotics mentorship programs and student robotics competitions, NI works with?nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to support afterschool programs, workshops, and summer camps that introduce students to STEM concepts. The goal of these programs is to fuel innovation and discovery among youth and inspire them to pursue careers in engineering and science.?