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NI's Approach to Corporate Responsibility

NI works to create?shared success?for?both our?key stakeholders and?our society at large.?We believe we make?the biggest impact?by leveraging our?engineering expertise to address critical social issues and?by?equipping engineers with systems that accelerate?their own?productivity, innovation, and discovery.?

This shared focus for corporate responsibility is integrated throughout our?business?practices and goals?at NI. In many cases,?corporate responsibility is tied to?top-level business and operational goals, and, in every case,?corporate responsibility?supports?the company mission and long-term success.

Timeline of Posted Information

Posted data reflects programs and performance for fiscal year 2017, which ended on December 31, 2017.?


Data from previous forms is available upon request via this email form.??

Managing Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is part of NI’s?100-year plan.?For accountability and vision for these areas, NI relies on its board of directors, the Strategic Communications team, and a cross-functional committee.??

NI employees also play an integral role in our pursuit of goals ranging from developing innovative products to helping identify opportunities to reduce energy usage at our company facilities.

NI’s executive leadership team also reviews our annual corporate responsibility goals and performance. Additionally, the Audit Committee of the NI Board of Directors also oversees the company’s overall compliance with the NI Code of Ethics?and pertinent financial, environmental, and equal employment opportunity regulations.